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Mushroom Mini Turkey Meat Loaves Shaped Like Footballs?

It was the Saturday before the Super Bowl and I saw this new product from Campbell’s Soups at my local grocery. The mini meat loaves on the package looked exactly like footballs to me. Do you see the resemblance? Perfect for game day.

Campbell Soup For Easy Cooking

As an adult, I’ve grown to love a good onion soup. I usually only eat it when dining out, especially during my travels. The last truly great bowl of onion soup I’ve had was during a rainy weekend visit (my first time!) to Amsterdam. It was exactly what a tired, hungry traveler needed to recharge and explore a new city. It was like a big warm hug from the inside.

So I was excited to try this product on my traditional turkey meatloaf to give it a new twist. Sometimes making the “same old” meatloaf can be boring to make and to eat.

And I wanted to try to make some individual-sized turkey meat loaves, like the ones I saw on the package, to enjoy during the Super Bowl.  So I adapted my typical recipe (ground turkey, panko bread crumbs, egg and Italian seasoning) by pouring this soup on top, baking (and sometimes basting) until ready to eat.

mini meat loaves

This is how they looked coming fresh from the oven. Cute, huh! And quite scrumptious. All I needed to make this a near perfect home-style meal: a side of dirty mashed potatoes!

turkey meatloaf close up

Do you ever get inspired to “shape your food” into something different?