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With Walgreens Refill Reminders, I Never Forget Important Medication Refills For Bing & Baxter

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Walgreens_storelocatorWalgreens, headquartered in Deerfield, IL (a Chicago suburb), has almost 9,000 stores throughout the United States. They are literally everywhere; I have at least 8 Walgreens stores within a half-mile radius of my home. So it’s more than convenient to get medication refills no matter which direction I’m heading.

I’ve been getting prescriptions filled at my local Walgreens since I first moved to Chicago in 1988. And as someone who’s constantly on the go, I appreciate anything that saves me time and hassle. It’s easy to get information about medications and to order online prescription refills from the Walgreens website. And I notice they are continually improving the website user experience to make it easy (and fun) to manage all of your healthcare needs online.

Like most consumers today, being on the go for me means only having my smart phone at hand — and not a computer screen. So for about the last six months or so, I’ve been predominantly using the free Walgreens app on my iPhone. It makes managing refills effortless. And that says something because in addition to my prescription medications for allergies, TMJ, and arthritis, I have dogs that require daily medications.

I actually have four pugs (yes, four!). All but one are on daily medication for physical and/or neurological issues. When I first signed up for the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the family membership option covers everyone in your immediate family, including pets. So I manage prescriptions and medications for my dogs Bing and Baxter as part of my family prescriptions on or via the Walgreens mobile app. Like any proud pug parent, I have to show you my two boys, who are rescues I adopted in 2011.

My dog Bing takes daily medications.

Bing, an apricot fawn pug, turns 8 years old next month. Bing has no impulse control, so he takes a daily medication to help him be less frenetic.

My dog Baxter has several food and seasonal allergies that require medication.

Baxter, who’s also an apricot fawn pug, will be 4 years old in the fall. Baxter has severe food and seasonal allergies that require constant medication and management.

With the Walgreens mobile app, I can look up a prescription and request a refill, or I can scan a prescription bottle with the camera on the phone. For long-term prescriptions, I set up the auto-refill option so I don’t have to worry about remembering.


And when the refill is ready, I’ll get a phone call, an email or a text (or all 3!). You can control how you want to be reminded when your #WalgreensRX  prescription is ready.


You can do much more than order prescription refills with the Walgreens mobile app, including seeing the latest weekly advertisements to find out what’s on sale.


And if you’re a member of the Walgreens Balance Rewards program, you can check your points totals to see how close you are to the next reward level.


I also use the Walgreens mobile app when I check out. I simply show the cashier, who scans it so I get real-time Balance Rewards points deposited to my account. The last time I picked up my prescriptions at the Walgreens pharmacy, the pharmacist scanned my Balance Rewards card on my iPhone and it seamlessly tracked my Prescriptions Savings Club information along with my Balance Rewards. That’s one of the ways Walgreens makes my life easier; I literally don’t have to think about anything but physically picking up my prescription when it’s ready. And I don’t even have to do that, if I don’t want to because Walgreens offers free shipping on prescription orders. How easy is that!