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A Gluten-Free Sandwich Starts With The Bread!

gluten-free sandwich bread recipe

gluten-free sandwich bread recipe by Carlyn Berghoff

One of the most popular questions I get when I post a recipe is “Is the dish gluten-free?” or “Can you make a gluten-free version?” Sometimes the answers are harder than I’d like, because I’m not an authority on gluten-free foods. And you really have to pay attention to the ingredients you cook with: gluten can be hiding almost anywhere, including places you’d never suspect.

The reverse can also be true: many dishes are naturally gluten-free. It all depends on the kind of ingredients you’re using. Except for when a main ingredient is bread, which makes creating gluten-free sandwiches a challenge. Though I’m not an expert on all things gluten-free, I have a friend who is: Carlyn Berghoff. You may know Carlyn as the 4th-generation owner of The Berghoff Restaurant in Chicago’s Loop. Besides being an accomplished chef, caterer and businessperson, Carlyn is a mom to three teens – one of whom has celiac disease.

For the past few years, Carlyn has made it her mission to rid her home of gluten. She and her family¬†have been sharing their journey to be gluten-free on That’s where you’ll find this easy recipe for gluten-free sandwich bread, so you can have the foundation to create your own gluten-free sandwich masterpieces.

If you’ve not been to The Berghoff Restaurant lately, be sure to check out all the gluten-free options on the menu. One of the most festive places to be in Chicago during the holidays is inside The Berghoff Restaurant. My favorite is the giant nutcracker (he’s taller than me!) that greets you as you enter the restaurant. Stop by during the holidays, when the entire dining room is decked out, to take a photo with Santa or enjoy a slice of apple strudel (an authentic German holiday tradition).


The Berghoff pickle in the tree

From now until December 24 at The Berghoff Restaurant, any child (under the age of 12) who finds the pickle ornament in Berghoff’s¬†Christmas tree, will receive a complimentary Berghoff Root Beer. Did you know that Berghoff’s makes its own orange, black cherry and root beer sodas? My favorite is the diet root beer. Yum!

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