Kitchen Confessions

Are You Ready To Twerk Your Turkey?

Thanksgiving is just a week away. Yikes! Even with a later-than-usual date this year, it still feels like it’s coming far too fast. Each year when Thanksgiving approaches, it can sometimes invoke a panic attack. It’s the stress of planning all the details: holding the newspaper and mail, rescheduling the dog walker, planning the logistics for taking 4 dogs on the road to visit out-of-town family, getting laundry and dry cleaning done so you have something to wear, and (finally) figuring out what dish to make to contribute to the family Thanksgiving feast that is portable, delicious and won’t cause a break down in the kitchen before the holiday arrives. Normal stuff that just requires too much forethought and decision-making for my brain right now.

This year, I’m trying to keep calm by remembering to breathe and appreciate the moment – and even laugh when you can to attack any stress build up. To that end, I wanted to share this fun little video from LogoTV that encourages you to “twerk your turkey” at Thanksgiving. After you watch it, I’d be curious who you think does twerking better? The current twerking queen Miley Cyrus or the turkey? My $ is on the turkey, fo shure!


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