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Talking About Culinary Fight Club

The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club! Well I’m not Brad Pitt, so I’m going to break the rules and talk about the upcoming Culinary Fight Club TasteBud Challenge set for August 21.

Culinary Fight Club 1

Never heard of the Culinary Fight Club? The Culinary Fight Club produces live monthly cooking competitions in Chicago called “TasteBud Challenges.” It’s been recently selected as an official qualifying event for the World Food Championships in Vegas, where chefs of all levels go to compete for the “Golden Ticket” and win their spot in the highest stakes “Food Sport” Competition in the world!

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One of the things that impresses me about Culinary Fight Club is its focus on #payingitforward. All ticket proceeds benefit Fight2Feed, a Charitable Organization on a mission to “KO” hunger in Chicago.

The theme of the next TasteBud Challenge (August 21) is “The Amazing Culinary Fight Club Race.” [Every month has a new theme.] Competing chefs will have to drive to different restaurants around Chicago to pick up their ingredients. [My advice to the competitors: Uber!]

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Chef AndrewOne of this week’s competing teams is Pure Kitchen Catering, led by Chef Andrew. He looks very confident and calm!

Chef Andrew is kindly sharing his recipe for Stuffed, Braised Short Rib Prime Burgers. Now that’s what I call inventive. I think I’m going to try this recipe out for my Labor Day weekend barbecue.

I can’t wait to see what Chef Andrew’s team whips up at the next Culinary Fight Club TasteBud Challenge on August 21. Tickets are available on Eventbrite. Good luck to all the competitors – and may the best food win!

Stuffed, Braised Short Rib Prime Burger


8 oz boneless short ribs
8 oz grass-fed prime ground beef
1 farm egg
1 ½ cups mirepoix
½ bottle red wine
2 cloves garlic
2 cups beef stock
1 bouquet garni
2 slices white Cheddar
1 brioche hamburger bun
1 slice heirloom tomato
Arugula, enough for burger
1 oz garlic aïoli
½ stick unsalted butter
salt and pepper to taste


In a medium skillet sear off your short ribs seasoned with salt and pepper. Add vegetables and cook till soft, deglaze with garlic and wine, add the short ribs to a dutch oven or a roasting pan and add beef broth and wine/vegetable mixture, toss in bouquet garni, braise meat for three hours at 350 until buttery tender. Let cool to stuff the burger.

Split your 8 oz burger in half and patty into discs, make a divot in the center and add the short ribs, make sure is not too much leave a length around patty so it will bind with other patty, form other patty into same size and mold over the short ribs, set in fridge to set the patty so it does not fall apart when cooking.

In a medium sauté pan add some olive oil to coat pan on high heat, season and sear burger on high heat on both sides, add butter and baste until nice and browned. Top with cheese and roast at 350 for 5 mins for med rare. In that time cook your egg and arrange your garnishes(bun,arugula, tomato, aïoli) enjoy!!


This recipe is from Chef Andrew of Pure Kitchen Catering