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Soup Comforts, Warms Up a Brutal Winter!

Thank you Idahoan® Steakhouse® Soups for sponsoring this post. Grab yourself a bowl and celebrate National Soup Month with me!

I have a love, yet hate relationship with winter. I love how picturesque and pristine everything looks after a fresh snowfall. And consequently my dogs love romping around in the backyard through the drifts of snow. But when the wind chill goes below zero, that’s when my love for the beauty of winter turns to annoyance for the reality of just how cold it can be. The extended periods of cold, dry air saps my energy. Most of all, winter can make me a bit grumpy.

But one of the ways that I like to warm up my winter — and it’s been brutally cold so far — is with soup, soup, and more glorious soup! Whatever powers that be which named January as National Soup Month picked the perfect time to celebrate how comforting, nourishing, and totally satisfying a hot bowl of soup can be.

Personally, I love the versatility of soup. It can be simple or sophisticated. It can be a snack, a meal starter or the main course. For all of these reasons, I was excited to try for myself the new Idahoan® Steakhouse® Soups, available in four varieties:

  • Cheddar Broccoli
  • Loaded Potato
  • Creamy Potato
  • Cheddar Potato

Idahoan Steakhouse Soups

When I’m preparing soup, I look first for flavor and then for convenience. Idahoan Steakhouse Soups bring together real, red Idaho® potatoes with flavorful seasonings and rich cheeses to provide a creamy taste in every spoonful.

Idahoan Steakhouse Soups Cheddar Broccoli

First of all, I boiled four cups of water. Then I whisked in the Idahoan Steakhouse Soups Cheddar Broccoli flavor. So simple!

Soup’s On

For the first soup I tried, I decided to make a sourdough bread bowl — which is much easier than you might think. So I took a whole loaf of sourdough bread from my local bakery. I cut off the top third of the loaf. Then I hollowed out a bowl. Finally I garnished it with some shredded Cheddar cheese.

sourdough bread bowl with Idahoan Steakhouse Soup

I was really impressed with the texture, because it had a variety of sizes of potato chunks. As a result, it made for a delicious balance of textures. It was almost like having little potato dumplings in a thick, creamy potage. Hence, my taste buds were very happy!

Idahoan Steakhouse Soups are made with real Idaho potatoes

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