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When It Counts: A Smooth Shave Puts My Best Face Forward

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I’ve always had sensitive skin. So I tend to avoid shaving until the very last possible moment. And during the summer, I get even lazier – only shaving when I’ve got an important event like a family wedding, a business meeting with a new client or when I’m meeting someone for the very first time.  But truth be told, for me the best way to make a solid first impression is always a clean shave.

Being part Native American, my facial hair doesn’t grow in thick. So I could not shave for five years and never look like anything close to Grizzly Adams. But my face and neck do get fuzzy. And now that I’ve passed middle age, some of that is growing in as gray fuzz. Not pretty. Not sexy.

I also work from a home office on most days, so my interaction with clients is often limited to telephone or email. Even when I Skype, I don’t use the video feature. So when I finally do have an important face-to-face meeting to prepare for, I rely on my Gillette Fusion ProGlide. I’ve been a loyal customer for decades; I like how close a shave I can get with the five stacked blades. And it’s a huge time saver!

When #CollectiveBias asked me to participate in this #SmoothSummer campaign, I was excited to try the new FlexBall Technology that’s built into the handle. I ran over to my neighborhood Walmart and easily found it in the RAZORS aisle.

shave #SmoothSummer #CollectiveBias

I tend to work with clients on multi-month engagements, so I only do about half a dozen new client pitches each year. So when I do have a meeting with a potential new client, it’s important. I don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. And a fuzzy face just won’t cut it.

I was curious just “how different” this new Gillette razor would be compared to the previous ProGlide razor I’d been using. I was honestly surprised just how much the FlexBall hugs the curves and contours of my face. [When you have a ‘fat face’ like me, there are lots of curves and contours!] And on those mornings when it’s a little harder to wake up, my eyes just follow the “bouncing” orange ball!

That “baby smooth face guy” is about to make an appearance in the mirror.

Ouch! My face feels like a porcupine! Thankfully this new Gillette ProGlide Razor with FlexBall Technology is tough enough to tame my face and nimble enough to handle the curves. 

As much as I like not having to shave in the summer, when it counts you’ve got to go smooth to put your best face forward. I’d hire me! 

#SmoothSummer #CollectiveBias shave

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  • Emily Stephens
    August 14, 2014 at 11:32 am

    This looks like a wonderful razor! It gave you a very clean shave; I’d hire you too! #client

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